LeadMagic's Email Validation

Email Verification Status Codes

Pricing PSA

LeadMagic's Email Validation system is known for it's high quality and low cost.

For only 1 LeadMagic credit, you get 20 email validations.

Plus, you will never pay for "catch_all" or "unknown" emails unless we have found engagement data which we believe makes it a valid email

Update 5/18/2024

Our API has been updated to support "CatchAll" or "AcceptAll" email validation.

We've built a scoring model and confidently believe our valid_catch_all emails are good to email.

If you have any further questions please contact support.

Company Information 5/14/2024

We've updated our API to include the company's domain and social media information at no cost to you.


Always Email (1 Credit = 20 Validations) - You Get 20 Validations for 1 Credit.


  • Description: The email response was given and is 100% valid.
  • Action: 100% Safe to Email

valid_catch_all (new)

  • Description: The email response was catch-all, but additional "engagement" data shows the email is valid.
  • Action: Safe to email.


Caution (0 Credits) - You Won't Pay For This.


  • Description: The domain accepts every email, making it risky. LeadMagic was not able to find enough evidence it's a real email.
  • Action: Proceed with caution.


  • Description: The domain did not respond, making it risky. LeadMagic did not find enough evidence to email it.
  • Action: Proceed with caution.


Never Email (1 Credit = 20 Validations) - You Pay For This. Do Not Email Them.


  • Description: The email is not valid.
  • Action: Do not email.

Rate Limit


Rate Limits on Email Validation: 1,000 requests per minute.

Contact our support for increased limits.

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