LeadMagic's Email Finder

Email Finder Status Codes

Input Example:

Company Name: LeadMagic

Company Domain: leadmagic.io


Always Email (1 Credit)


  • Description: The email response was given and is 100% valid.
  • Action: Always email.


Requires Further Investigation (0 Credits)


  • Description: The domain sends only Catch All (Accept All) emails back and requires further validation.
  • Action: Validate with CatchAll Verification.


Not Found (0 Credits)


  • Description: The email response was catch-all, but engagement data shows the email is valid.
  • Action: Email.


You must provide either the Company Domain Name or the Company Name in your POST request.

Rate Limit


Rate Limit on Email Finder: 500 requests per minute

Contact our support team if you need to increase your requests per minute.

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